Your TV habits over your Fear Of Crime What What is your favorite prime-time crime?

Your TV habits over your Fear Of Crime What What is your favorite prime-time crime?

Posted at 8:02 am on December 18th, 2016

Researchers from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln surveyed hundreds of adults about how often they watched different kinds of crime TV – made-up dramas, documentary-style real crime programs and local and national news. They found, as each type of program displays crime was a factor in the viewer opinions on everything from their fear of crime to their trust in the judiciary in order. Their support for the death penalty Support the results the idea that program type really matters when it comes to people’s understanding of fear of crime and attitudes towards the criminal justice does, said Lisa Kort – Butler, UNL assistant professor of sociology and the study’s lead author. Non-fictionblic seems to be negative , the criminal justice system, but also supports its punitive policy – this study suggests is to observe the kinds of shows people.

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