The tDCS technology safe.

The tDCS technology safe.

Posted at 7:34 pm on December 19th, 2016

The tDCS technology safe, easy to use and portable, said Professor Bikson. You can go around with it and you keep it in your desk drawer or handbag. This is definitely the first technology the only one 9 – volt battery operated and can be used at home, He sees future devices as small as an iPod.

The other techniques also have disadvantages. Heavy, awkward tools to serious side effects such as seizures Some stimulate only the upper layers of the brain. Others reach deep brain regions, but require brain surgery the electrodes. The electrodes.Which can be expensive and reports are not standardized. A friend of 30-minute drivers evaluating programs require riding on south, urban and rural roads, that likely to cause the execution out maneuvers stress for example, the avoidance of a pedestrian zone on the motorway The program evaluates the performance from my driverless and driver specified like? either certain or uncertain, since riding required a number of cognitive features, to the simulator testing is to an to a previously undiagnosed cognitive deterioration.

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