The parasite that causes malaria.

The parasite that causes malaria.

Posted at 9:40 am on April 28th, 2016

The report: ‘Venus III: a randomized controlled trial of therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of venous leg ulcers ‘is available online in advance of publication in the Health Technology Assessment .

For the study, the researchers at the University of California – Davis and the University of Washington data from a National Cancer Institute database. They looked at 500,000 people aged 70 to 79, who were white, black, Asian / Pacific Islander, or Hispanic. Lead author Joshua Fenton of UC Davis said in a statement: The issue is clearly not to the lack of access to health insurance Socioeconomic, cultural and language barriers are all possibilities, but understanding which of these barriers relevant for the group. To to narrowing the gaps (United Press International.The parasite that causes malaria, a disease that die almost one million people each year is transmit to man through the bite of of an infected mosquito. By of bite, infections malarial parasites is carried at the immature, sporozoites Stadium of its life cycle Traveller the liver, where they breed and be spread to the rest of his body through the bloodstream.

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