Raffa is together on this NIH study with Ronald Tallarida.

Raffa is together on this NIH study with Ronald Tallarida.

Posted at 3:40 pm on October 20th, 2014

Raffa is together on this NIH study with Ronald Tallarida, professor of pharmacology at Temple ‘s School of Medicine and Vice Provost professorships.

Planaria display astonishing behaviors. You can even learn about possible interference from other organs or organ systems worried as was the case in other animal models may be.. As a study subject, the Planaria worm, a type of flatworm for their regenerative powers has announced various attractive qualities scientist. First, it has such simple biochemistry and it easily absorbs any chemical soaked in it. This simplicity makes it a clean, easy-to-use model. But despite this simplicity, the Planaria worm brain and spinal cord brain and spinal cord, both key to the study of the effects of drug abuse and withdrawal. Still have the same types of Planaria neurotransmitter systems such as human, and thus respond to dopamine, opioids, cocaine, and cannabinoids.‘.. Marie Bourjade, Alice de Boyer des Roches and Martine Haus Berger from the University of Rennes 1, France, studied the effects of the adult Young ratios to naturally formed groups of of Przewalski horse at aggressive CHECK RATES Cohesion young horses. Previous research have resulted through this ratio is this ratio is a key role in the song acquisition in the songbirds does and the authors try to is a general principle regarding the effects of boy adult can find conditions on of social behavior. Carers andr round all year round all year throughout which Bourjade and fellow explained, ‘the Przewalski horse are a very valuable model for the study of the teaching role of the experienced adult as a to species of form year-round stable groups with Soccer mum and dad caregivers, and the presence independent adult females.

Apart fundamental issues increases by these findings on modalities which affect the adult on the development of of young people, the authors argue A adult -young ratio an important characteristic of social settings which must be taken consideration as a potential modulator are social influence appear when evaluating development process. .

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