Placebo controlled Phase 2 study.

Placebo controlled Phase 2 study.

Posted at 6:29 pm on July 12th, 2016

The study is also designed to compare safety of the vaccine versus placebo in up to 80, related HCT donors and recipients, andd up to 80 additional HCT recipients. The DSMB evaluated safety data sheets only in the interim analysis.. Since most HCT recipients are expected to create a natural viral challenge than existing reactivated CMV infection under immunosuppression is the primary endpoint in the double-blind, placebo – controlled Phase 2 study, the occurrence of clinically significant CMV levels vaccine in HCT patients compared to placebo placebo. Another important endpoints include immune responses against the specific CMV functions The study is the vaccine.

Vaccine approaches that primarily antibody responses to CMV proven not very good in transplanted patients. May induce vaccine approaches using live, attenuated viruses both antibodies and cellular immune responses, but a potential security risk, especially in immunocompromised patients, causing the disease is to prevent it. Vical novel DNA vaccine approach to induce both antibody and cellular immune responses against the CMV virus characteristics without the risk of causing CMV disease. Vical vaccine Orphan drug designation for hematopoietic stem cell and organ transplant patients received..The journal covers: – benchmark – to-bedside translation and scale-up of stem and regenerative medicine therapy – Potential application to stem cell-based strategies in pathologic conditions – pluriopotency stem and emerging technologies – Tissue Engineering and characterization of technical fabric – Medical devices and artificial organs developing – Regulatory and reimbursement of themes – Ethical and legal prospects.

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