Fritz Mann hopes that that research data for sale.

Fritz Mann hopes that that research data for sale.

Posted at 4:12 am on April 4th, 2015

Dr. Fritz Mann hopes that that research data, whether a tumor early to determine metastatic potential of physicians could then adjust the treatment accordingly. for sale

Designed for Computing Project Objectives For Better Medical TechnologyA $ 10,000 National Science Foundation Expeditions in Computing grant to Rice University and three other universities will contribute to high-performance, customizable computing use use of the way computers could the healthcare industry and other important applications. – The grant supports the creation of a joint center for Domain-Specific Computing , researchers at UCLA’s engineering school, medical school and applied mathematics program, Ohio State University and UC Santa Barbara contains. The multi – university center will be directed by Professor Jason Cong from UCLA. Rice Vivek Sarkar, Butcher professor of computer science and professor of electrical engineering and computer science , will serve as associate director. The scholarship includes $ 1,000 for rice research effort.

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