Finance Companies / Contractors Two sides of the same coin or different currencies

Finance Companies / Contractors Two sides of the same coin or different currencies

Posted at 11:25 pm on November 7th, 2016

– Finance Companies / Contractors – Two sides of the same coin or different currencies?Moderated by Dr . Siegfried Bialojan, Industry Leader Health Sciences, E & Y Germany, this session is the inherent tension between long development times and financing.Most investors would argue that the best way the risk the risk and secure a successful exit is building strong businesses. However, venture capital investors, particularly in Europe struggle in fundraising and are forced to give quick financial income . Building strong companies for long-term financial success is therefore often sacrificed for the sake of establishing a short-term success, despite the recognition that strong companies important a strong European biotechnology industry and a sustainable confidence in the investment community are.

Fitch is less about the dependence by growth on the sales of the company ‘s best-selling drug, Zyprexa. Eli Lilly sales concentration has weakened over the years to less than 25 percent of more than a third, as refreshing drug product portfolio gained increased revenue. In the U.S. Worldwide rights to Cialis in January 2007 to gain accelerates the positive trend. Fitch believes that the treatment for schizophrenia less than 20 percent of total sales introduce its patent expiration in the U.S.

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