EC145 is also evaluated in the precedent (study.

EC145 is also evaluated in the precedent (study.

Posted at 6:20 am on April 16th, 2016

EC145 is also evaluated in the precedent (study, a randomized, international study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of EC145 in combination with Doxil / Caelyx in women with advanced ovarian cancer?

The idea to choose a molecular diagnostic imaging such as EC20 patients, followed by treatment with EC145, is exciting because doctors can in be able to adjust the patient’s care in a way that has not occurred in the past shows, the fact that most patients who received EC145 also had minimal toxicity that further clinical trials of the combination clearly justified. .. .

The EC145 molecule folate receptors taken based folate to find specific products in high concentrations on the surface of tumors, including NSCLC, ovarian, renal and many other cancers by binding directly to cells that overexpress folate receptors, EC145, the anticancer agent is directly supplies cancer cells while avoiding normal tissue.– improve the availability of medicinal to the public sector;.

– Remove from Import Taxes and taxes on essential medicinesPS: The medical survey report Check for Chad, in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda , and a multi-country comparison to the member states of East Africa Community are Buy now in Medicine price collection reports in other countries is available be posted on our site due course.

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