Brigitte Schmied read more.

Brigitte Schmied read more.

Posted at 1:07 pm on March 28th, 2015

To prevent the approach to drug policy proposed in the Vienna Declaration of new HIV infections and ensure that people who struggle with addiction access to the medical and support services that require them said Dr. Brigitte Schmied, AIDS 2010 Local Co-Chair and President of the Austrian AIDS Society read more . .

The three former heads of state, the co-presidents of the influential Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, to inform drug policy in the region and contribute to more effective, safe and humane drug policies are targeted. Add them in supporting the Vienna Declaration are three other influential Latin American figures – Peruvian writer, journalist and essayist Mario Vargas Llosa, the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and Sergio Ram rez Mercado, writer and former vice – president of Nicaragua. The war on drugs has such an incredibly negative impact on Latin America and the fact that the Vienna Declaration receives this level of support from former State should for those for those currently in power, said AIDS 2010 Chairman Dr. Julio Montaner, President of the International AIDS Society and Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV / AIDS . I hope that Vienna Declaration Vienna Declaration inspire many more political leaders to push aside the drug war rhetoric and embrace evidence-based policies meaningfully improve meaningfully improve community health and safety. .

During Provinces & Territories responsible for the day – to-day operations health care, the German government to in establishing priorities accountable accountability and enforce laws as well as the levying taxes to care.

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