Based on these findings

Based on these findings

Posted at 8:13 am on December 28th, 2015

Prenatal diagnosis have recently found that fetal cells and cell-free DNA flow routinely in the mother’s blood during to investigate normal pregnancy . Based on these findings, researchers in Seattle, Washington, in part by a grant of the Washington Women’s Foundation and by grants from the National Institutes of Health, from whether changes in serum fetal DNA levels correlate with changes. Set supports arthritis activity during and after pregnancy They conducted a study of 25 pregnant women with inflammatory arthritis.

This study, the first fetal DNA fetal DNA in women with RA during pregnancy, a significant inverse correlation between arthritis activity and serum fetal DNA concentration over the course of pregnancy and after delivery. But researchers acknowledge limitations of the study, including its small size and the inability to determine whether serum fetal DNA has biological effect on biological effect on inflammatory arthritis or have therapeutic value. ‘Whether the dynamic changes in fetal DNA reflect the potential for immune modulation of maternal arthritis, are a result of disease activity changes or not causally related these studies can be determined, ‘notes researcher J. Lee Nelson, MD ‘If the former more studies could generate new therapeutic strategies for RA ‘.

Man is resident in the CDC in Atlanta, USA, and the other three are London, Melbourne, Australia, and Tokio.

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