AMPYRA is then available on prescription.

AMPYRA is then available on prescription.

Posted at 7:36 pm on October 29th, 2014

He said, should represent the results of the study Kissela is going on in ‘s going on in the rest of the United States found that in his practice about five about five patients in their 30s and 40s with a stroke in the past two weeks a strong Unlike ten years ago.

Kissela and his colleagues decided to look at the average age of the noticed noticed an increase in young patients with stroke. But, said Silver, although in older patients fall in this study , the prices were, we see a rise in the number of strokes in younger patients, which means we making some of the gains are offset by the fact that these younger patients with stroke. .AMPYRA is then available on prescription. In the U.S. For more information about AMPYRA, including patient assistance and co-pay program, healthcare and persons with MS to contact this AMPYRA patients Customer Support Services 888-881-1918. AMPYRA should not other forms of 4-aminopyridine. be made, because the active substance is the same.

‘. Multiple sclerosis a progressive diseases with catastrophic consequences for the health , and improve needed to improve quality of life people with MS, ‘said Peter L. Saltonstall, President & CEO of NORTHERN. ‘We commend Acorda for its commitment to to bring advanced treatments on the market for people with MS and other neurological disorders. ‘.

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